Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lecture Series: Glenn Rhein Speaks On the Discovery of Spectacular Giant Crystals in Amity, New York in Town of Warwick, Thursday, June 7, 2012, 7-8:30PM

Not long ago Glenn Rhein had a geological survey done of his property in Amity, NY in the Town of Warwick. The geologist came back scratching his head explaining that what he had on his property was something of an anomaly; there was a treasure trove of all types of crystals to be found on and under the surface of his property.

What we had and what was more commonly known as far back as the 1820s is a stop along a vein of crystalline formations that runs between Canada and Franklin, New Jersey that was formed some 800 million years ago when Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve pushed up through a marble belt forming these giant and sometimes fluorescent crystals. Many of us know about the crystals to be found in the Franklin, New Jersey, and many us even had a class trip as Warwick students to the mine and broke open a geode or two in search of some spectacular crystals, but most people from the area know nothing about the world-class minerals and stones that literally lay in our backyard.

Minerals like Edenite, Warwickite, and Clintonite are particular to this area with small quantities in existence. Mr. Rhein, a contractor, not long after getting the news from the geologist, dug a huge pit which uncovered a cornucopia of crystals of both rarity and quality. Within a short time he has become somewhat of an expert on this particular vein identifying 19 distinctive varieties on the property. The most obvious distinction of many of the samples that have been uncovered is large size; some of them measure in excess of four inches in diameter.

Since uncovering these crystals, he has shared them with both professional and amateur mineralogists alike. Travelling to Paris with wife Karen, the Rheins presented samples to the Ecoles de Mines where supposedly the largest collection of minerals and rocks from Orange County, NY is housed. Many colleges and universities have expressed much interest in the discovery sending many to the site to document it and to accept samples for their collection.

This Thursday, June 7, 7-8:30PM a presentation will include a talk about the discovery and its relevance to other area finds. There will be many real samples on display as well as a slide presentation narrated by Mr. Rhein which will illustrate the largess and aesthetic magnificence of this discovery. The fluorescence of some of these samples will also be revealed; it is the Rheins' intention to present a display vitrine fixed with a black light that will share the fluorescent qualities of these minerals with Warwick residents on semi-permanent basis.

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