Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Preparation for George Washington Day Picnic, July 28, 6-8, Copy of George Washington Expense Account, July, 1782

The following two copies of account entries date from July, 1782 and correspond with George Washington's own visit on July 27, 1782 to Francis Baird's Tavern which is preserved to this day by the Warwick Historical Society. Although there is a presentation of an 18th century period tavern room in the current building the original tavern which George Washington visited was housed in a wooden section of the quarried and dressed stone Dutch Colonial style building that dates from 1766. recently a circa 1760-1790 Mallet wine bottle fragment was found on the footprint of the former tavern section site, and it could date from that very summer of 1782. From George Washington's Expense Account, By General George Washington & Marvin Kitman, Pfc. (Ret.), Simon and Schuster, New York: "[page] 46...July...Col. Trumbull acc. of exp. 7.14.9...Maj. Walkers Dor 29.6.9...Dole [Total] 160,056...Lawful [Total] 608,514.10..."

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