Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you to Our Summer History Camp Volunteers!

Thank you to our Summer History Camp volunteers:

Ivy Tulin, Shadow Puppet Theatre

Alan Held

Jessica Christofel

Sharlene Miller-Pizza

Jean Schmick-Hopkins

Kathy Garritano, Shadow Puppet Theatre

Erika Webber

Carol Ann Cesare

Cathy McErlean-Goddard, Pottery

Tom Carton, Revolutionary War Re-enactor

Doc Baynes, Wildlife Program

Adriaan Gerber, Blacksmithing

Jo Hull

Candy Ahrenholtz

Glenn Rhein

This year’s Summer History Camp for Kids program:

·         Naturalist Gary Keeton shared flora  and fauna of Post Ice Age Warwick

·         12,000 plus year old Moose Elk skeleton found on the black dirt   

·         Ken Hamilton, our woodlands interpreter, who appeared authentically, “with but a loin cloth”, on the first day to win the hearts of the kids as  their sage woodsman, shared northeastern Native American culture and values. The kids made wampum and learned much about Native American cultures. The adult turn out for an additional program featuring Ken brought some 80 people to the Buckbee Center being somewhat of a surprise fundraiser.  

·         Doc Barnes presented “Wildlife  of the Warwick Woods”

·         Charlene Blake presented  a live sheep and sheep shearing

·         Volunteers Ivy Tulin, Carol Ann Cesare, Alan Held, Kathy Garritano, Sharlene Miller-Pizza, Jessica Christofel, and Jean Schmick-Hopkins helped with the camp including three camper-produced shadow puppet theatre skits about Baird’s Tavern, the Old School Meeting House, and the Shingle House, which we anticipate packaging for a “mobile Historical Society” program at our local schools in the future.

·         Our campers created red ware plates from scratch with potter Cathy McErlean-Goddard.

·         Glenn Rhein donated  fluorescent crystals for a faux dig; kids took home their own small collections of these local treasures.

·         There was blacksmithing too, and blacksmith Adriaan Gerber produced a tomahawk for onlookers.  Cassie Lewis of Warwick led kids in the creation of felt geodes from raw wool felt.

·         Our former camp director and community asset, and my fifth grade teacher, Pat Reinhardt, led kids in the use of the pen nib , holder and ink well, as well as fountain pen, given to each as a take-home, and quill pen usage in their Moleskin journals.      

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