Sunday, April 1, 2012

Follow-up Blacksmithing Classes

Prerequisite: Offered to those with intermediate-level blacksmithing experience.

Those who recently completed the two-day intensive blacksmithing class.

All Classes Limited to 6 students

Class 1: Forging a Tomahawk/ 1 Day/ April 30, 1-6PM
Tuition: $125

Requirements: Cotton clothing, goggles, and gloves ( if preferred).

Forge a bowtie body out of steel. Fold over and forge weld the handle eye. Prepare steel bit. Insert and forge-weld blade edge. Cut to length. Draw out edge. Drift handle eye. File to final shape. Heat treat. Sharpen edge. Make a handle and fitting. Throw.

Class 2: Forging A Knife from Welded Cable Steel/ 2 Days/ April 1 & 2, 12-8PM (no power hammer needed)

Tuition: $225

Prepare the cable for welding.
Forge-weld the cable.
Draw down the cable to usable format.
Forge knife blank.
Demonstration of etching process.

Credit cards and checks accepted. Reservations: Call (845) 986-3236, or send an email to: For more information about the class, call: (845) 781-3729

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