Sunday, April 1, 2012

Woodworking: Making a Shaving Horse and Using It to Make a Bench

When: Sat., May 19 10-5PM & Sun. May 20, 10-5PM.

Where: Hasbrouck Carriage Barn (Behind Baird’s Tavern, 105 Main Street )

Tuition: $375 includes shaving horse kit, vintage draw knife, slab wood, and length of wood for legs. Sandpaper provided.

This weekend class would entail putting together a pre-fabricated shaving horse kit prepared by instructor Dave Washburn. Students will receive a vintage draw knife with the kit. Once the shaving horse is assembled, students will create a bench out of slab wood. Students will drill holes in slab wood with bit and brace, create legs on their shaving horse, assemble and sand to satisfaction a bench to take home.
The Warwick Historical Society is offering skills workshops for veterans , but anyone else interested in taking a class is welcome too. Orange County has a very large number of returning veterans, and we want to offer them opportunities to learn about some traditional arts and skills that they might enjoy doing and which might inspire a side business for them in the future. There will be a 10 percent discount on tuition for veterans with an ID.

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